International Nursing Day: Florence Nightingale, the pioneer who marked history

2022 – NURSING DAY. Since 1965, the international nursing day in commemoration of the 1820 birth date of British nurse Florence Nightingale, considered the founder of modern nursing.

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In Argentina, National Nursing Day is celebrated every November 21, commemorating the founding of the Federation of Associations of Catholic Nursing Professionals, in 1935.

Florence Nightingale, the creator of modern nursing

Florence Nightingale was a British nurse, writer and statesman, considered the creator of modern nursing.

Nightingale became well known for her extraordinary humanitarian work and her crusade to advance public health measures around the world, she was even called the lantern goddess.

Among other premises, it ensured that every woman should receive training to be able to care for a patient and that they should be excellent observers of patients and their environment.

The day of the nurse and the nurse is a way of recognizing their work throughout the world. The date is a tribute to everything these professionals do on a daily basis. Today, his work remains essential to millions of people around the world.

More ephemeris

1875 – CLUB MERCEDES. Club Mercedes is founded in the Buenos Aires city of the same name, the oldest soccer institution in America among those that remain until today. It began as a center for social gatherings and is currently a magazine in the Regional Federal Amateur tournament of Argentine soccer.

1892 – CREATION PADELAI. The Children’s Board (PADELAI) is founded in Buenos Aires to provide education, assistance and asylum to abandoned children and children of workers or immigrants who roamed the streets of the city without protection.

The Padelai when it was still working, at the end of the 1960s. (AGN)

1971 – MICK JAGGER. The rock musician Mick Jagger, leader of the British band The Rolling Stones, marries the Nicaraguan actress and human rights activist Bianca Pérez Morena in the seaside resort of Saint Tropez, on the French Riviera. The couple separated in 1979.

The wedding of Mick Jagger and Bianca Pérez Morena, on May 12, 1971. (AP / File)

1983 – CARLOS BILARDO. Coach Carlos Bilardo makes his debut as coach of the Argentine soccer team. It was in a 2-2 draw against Chile with goals from Norberto Alonso and Ricardo Gareca in a friendly match at the National Stadium in Santiago de Chile.

Carlos Bilardo

1986 – MOREAU DE JUSTO. At the age of 100, the doctor and politician Alicia Moreau de Justo, a symbol of socialism and feminism in Argentina, dies in Buenos Aires. She founded the Feminist Socialist Center and the Women’s Trade Union and was part of the creation of the Permanent Assembly for Human Rights.

Alicia Moreau de Justo was an Argentine doctor and politician, a leading figure of feminism and socialism (La Voz)

1996 – CARLOS BOSSIO. The Cordovan goalkeeper of Estudiantes de La Plata Carlos “Chiquito” Bossio (ex Belgrano) he became the first in his position to score a headed goal, scoring his team’s 1-1 tie in the last minute of the game against Racing Club de Avellaneda.

2002 – JIMMY CARTER. Former United States President Jimmy Carter begins a five-day visit to Cuba, becoming the first American political leader to visit the island since the triumph of the 1959 socialist revolution and the subsequent economic blockade applied by the North American power.

Jimmy Carter, en 1976. (AP / Jack Thornell / Archivo)

2010 – AIR CRASH. A Libyan Afriqiyah Airways plane crashes when it was about to land at Tripoli airport, an accident that caused the death of 103 passengers and crew and had a 9-year-old boy as the only survivor.

2011 – GILMOUR & WATERS. Musicians Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason, former members of the British band Pink Floyd, share the stage at the O2 Arena in London six years after the dissolution of the famous rock group. It was at the “The Wall Live Concert” recital, from the Roger Waters tour, when they performed the songs “Comfortably Numb” and “Outsider the Wall” together.

Other ephemeris

1622.- The main church of Buenos Aires is erected as a cathedral.

1664.- Moliére’s “Tartufo” premieres in Versailles.

1881.- The Bardo Treaty is signed, establishing the French Protectorate in Tunisia.

1926.- Marshal Jozef Pilsudski carries out a coup in Poland.

1934. The national anthem of Paraguay is officially instituted.

1937.- George VI is crowned King of England. The ceremony was televised, in what was the first broadcast outside of a studio.

1965.- RFA and Israel establish diplomatic relations.

1982.- The Spanish fundamentalist priest Juan Fernández Krohn unsuccessfully attempted against John Paul II, in Fátima (Portugal).

1987.- In a hospital in Baltimore (USA), the first double transplant operation is carried out: the heart of a living 28-year-old man is grafted onto another cardiac patient and the donor receives the lung and heart of a traffic accident victim.

1989.- The Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer is awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts.

1991.- The liberal Congress Party obtains a majority in the first multiparty elections held in 32 years in Nepal.

1999.- The Caro y Cuervo Institute of Colombia is awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities.

2002.- The former president of the United States Jimmy Carter begins a visit to Cuba, being the first US president, inside or outside his mandate, to visit the island since the Cuban Revolution (1959).

2003.- 59 people die and another 200 are injured in a suicide attack in Chechnya, against the Zanámeskoe government headquarters.

2008.- An earthquake measuring 7.8 degrees Richter causes more than 87,000 deaths in the province of Sichuan (China).

2009.- Benedict XVI calls for reconciliation and peace by officiating the first open-air mass in the history of Jerusalem.

.- The US is elected, for the first time, a member of the UN Human Rights Council.

2013.- Mexico celebrates the canonization of the nun María Guadalupe García Zavala, known as Mother Lupita, who faced religious persecution during the revolutionary period in her country.

2017.- A global cyberattack puts the computer systems of 150 countries at risk. The British Health Service, the French multinational Renault and the Russian banking system, among the affected services.

2019.- After having triumphed at the Oscars, the Baftas and the Goyas, the Ibero-American film industry praises “Roma”, by the Mexican Alfonso Cuarón, with five Platinum Awards, including best film and best director.

2020.- America surpasses Europe and becomes the region with the most cases of COVID-19, according to the WHO.

2021.- Escalation of violence in the Middle East: militias launch 850 rockets from Gaza that Israel responds with 500 bombardments.


1803.- Liebig, German chemist, discoverer of chloroform.

1842.- Jules Massenet, French composer of operas.

1907.- Katherine Hepburn, American actress.

1936.- Guillermo Endara, former president of Panama.

1978.- Malin Akerman, Swedish actress, model and singer.


1884.- Federico Smetana, Czech composer.

1957.- Erich von Stroheim, actor y director de cine, austriaco.

1992.- Nikos Gatsos, Greek poet.

1994.- Erik Erikson, American, pioneer of psychoanalysis.

2001.- Alexei Tupolev, aircraft designer, Russian.

2003.- The Aga Khan Sadruddin, French diplomat.

2018.- Antonio Mercero, director and screenwriter of film and television, Spanish.

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