Italy funds two projects on irrigation and schooling for girls worth four billion CFA francs

The Minister of State, Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Hassoumi Massoudou and the Italian Ambassador to Niger Mrs. Emilia Gatto, proceeded this Saturday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to the signing of an agreement on the financing of two projects worth 6 million euros, or 4 billion CFA francs.

This is the Small Irrigation Project for the Development of Tomato Production (PPI/DPT) whose main objective is to develop this production in all seasons, in order to promote local products, increase producers’ incomes , improve food and nutritional security and ensure the supply of tomatoes in Niger throughout the year
The Girls’ Education Acceleration Project (PAEF) with the objective of implementing the National Strategy for Accelerating the Education and Training of Girls and Women in Niger (SNAEFF)
The Small Irrigation Project “wants to contribute to the development of value chains in the tomato sector, in particular through the construction of 100 hectares of hydro-agricultural facilities for small-scale irrigation with water control and solar pumping equipment, support for land reclamation”, announced the Italian diplomat
The challenge, in the 4 municipalities of intervention of this project, in the regions of Tahoua and Maradi, is not only to increase production but also to ensure that this production is transformed, enhanced, marketed and profitable for economic operators.
For the Irrigation Project, which will be carried out in a multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder approach, it should lead to the acceleration of the rate of increase of the main indicators of access (Gross Schooling Rate), retention (Primary Completion Rate) as well as than those related to the admission rate to the Initiation Course. “And the reduction of gaps in the girl-boy parity index in 10 municipalities in the Maradi region,” says Ambassador Emilia Gatto.
For the implementation of this project, the Ministry of National Education will be able to benefit from technical assistance from the UN Agency UN-Women
With these two projects, “Italian cooperation reaffirms its commitment to two priority sectors in Niger, rural development and education and, through the implementation method chosen, confirms its full confidence in the capacities of public institutions in Niger to operationalize the national development strategies,” said the Italian diplomat
In his speech at this ceremony, the Minister of State Hassoumi Massoudou insisted on the fact that the government of Niger, in accordance with the PDES 2023/2026 in its rural development section, “gives pride of place to food security and this is in this logic that Italy, Niger’s partner since June 1986, with the signing of the Framework Agreement, contributes to many projects in the field of rural, agricultural and environmental development”
Girls’ education is one of the priority projects of the President of the Republic. “It is in this perspective that a Round Table of partners was organized on the theme ”Ensuring the academic success of girls in Niger” on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York and the Education Summit, September 21, 2022,” recalls the Minister of Foreign Affairs
Hassoumi Massoudou finally hailed the excellent relations of friendship and cooperation between Italy and Niger, “which are further strengthened with the signing of these important agreements, which will undoubtedly make it possible to fight against food insecurity , create jobs and ensure the education of our daughters”
This ceremony took place in the presence of members of the diplomatic missions of Italy and Niger, as well as the Representative of UN Women.

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