Khouribga security arrests 30 suspects of drug possession and trafficking

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Yesterday evening, Wednesday, July 19th, police officers in the regional security zone in Khouribga arrested two persons, aged 33 and 34, with criminal records, one of whom was searched at the national level, on suspicion of their involvement in a case related to the possession and promotion of hard drugs.

The two suspects were arrested on board a light utility vehicle at the judicial dam located on the national road leading to the city of Wadi Zam, where they were found in possession of cocaine doses, white weapons and mobile phones, in addition to sums of money in national and foreign currency, suspected of being from the proceeds of drug promotion.

The inspection carried out in this case at the house of the two concerned persons in the Iqbal neighborhood of the city resulted in the seizure of an additional amount of cocaine, as the total quantities seized amounted to one kilogram and 600 grams, in addition to an electronic scale, a motorcycle and an additional amount of money suspected of being proceeds from this criminal activity.

The process of listing the detainees in the National Security database of wanted persons showed that one of them is the subject of two search warrants at the national level by the judicial police in Khouribga for the promotion of hard drugs.

The two suspects have been kept under theoretical guard, subject to the investigation conducted by the Judicial Police Division under the supervision of the competent Public Prosecution, to reveal all the circumstances and circumstances surrounding this case and all the criminal acts attributed to those concerned, as well as identifying the rest of the possible extensions of this criminal activity.

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