Lali Esposito spoke of a challenge at a professional level: “The goal”

Lali Esposito continues in the promotions of his new musical material and spoke with Amazon Music various points related to the topic. The native Argentine singer was in charge of solving the doubts of her fans and spoke of the greatest artistic difficulty that she went through when producing “Lali”.

“One of the most complex challenges I had with the new album was being able to generate a 2000s or 90s vibe without copying… but taking what I liked sonically from that era and putting it into my way of making songs, in my metrics and in the modern, let’s say”, answered Lali Esposito faced with the doubt of a sympathizer of his work.

And he remarked: “The biggest challenge was to generate, from all aspects of the record, a sensation of reminiscence of an era but made obviously modern, that was the objective that I worked the most on”. Later, Espósito talked about something important that he learned on a personal level after his years in the industry.

“What I learned the most traveling through my treatment is that one sometimes has a look of being the navel of the world in its context, in its city and what traveling gave me is not only nourishing myself from other cultures but also realizing how little we are and the peers that we are of a lot of people we don’t even know but who form the same society and the same world”, he commented.

To conclude with this topic, Lali pointed out: “It allowed me to be very respectful, that generates a lot of humility. I have had very funny experiences that I will never forget meeting random people”. On the other hand, the actress confessed: “My songs are not necessarily dedicated to romantic or couple love, to the love of friends for example. Or to the most fleeting loves but that leave a mark. There is a song called ‘Unconditional’ which is precisely my way of seeing love”.

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