Luanda with four cases of influenza A. Activated contingency plan

Ministry of Health

There has been an increase in cases of seasonal flu since last April in the country.

The province of Luanda has registered four cases of influenza A (H1N1) and the health authorities have already activated a contingency and emergency plan for prevention, with reinforcement of epidemiological and laboratory surveillance, the Minister of Health announced today.

Sílvia Lutucuta, who was speaking at the Aníbal de Melo Press Center (CIAM) in Luanda earlier this evening, said that the cases were detected very recently by the National Institute for Health Research.

The Angolan minister noted that the epidemiological surveillance system had seen an increase in cases of seasonal flu since last April and, in addition to cases of influenza A, cases of rhinovirus flu (related to colds) were also recorded.

call for calm

The four cases of influenza A, two in men and two in women, were registered only in the Angolan capital.

“There were no deaths, with no new cases of contacts having been registered and we are expanding the epidemiological and laboratory investigation”, said the minister.

The Ministry of Health, added the official, “activated the contingency and emergency plan for the prevention of influenza A, reinforcing epidemiological and laboratory surveillance of suspected cases of influenza in sentinel health units to monitor the epidemiological evolution of the disease”.

The activation of the contingency and emergency plan, explained the minister, aims to guide the assertive response necessary to prevent the spread of the disease.

The Angolan official also appealed to the population to remain calm, having recommended preventive measures for suspected cases, namely the use of a protective mask, mainly in closed places, washing hands regularly, using alcohol gel and not sharing utensils personal.

He also recalled that influenza A had the greatest spread in the world in 2019, a period in which Angola recorded 12 cases, referring to it as a highly contagious disease, with epidemic potential, transmitted from person to person through droplets.

High fever, headache, muscle aches, cough, sore throat and multiple organ failure are some of the symptoms.

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