Martial arts ‘storm’ the online community

Miura Kota, a young Japanese martial artist who “cuts the heart” of the online community with a handsome look like a K-pop idol when appearing in the ring.

Miura Kota was born in 2002 in Kobe, Japan. The 21-year-old boxer became famous through a video recording him competing in the ring in early 2022.

Kota is commented to have an extremely attractive appearance with a sharp face and muscular 6-pack body.

Besides possessing an amateur beauty, he also has a not-so-trivial background as the son of Kazu Miura – a Japanese football legend, who is still playing at the age of 56.

Miura Kota and family.

As the second son of the famous striker in the land of the rising sun, Kota once shared that he was also very passionate about sports and was oriented to pursue football, but he followed the path of martial arts, his favorite subject. Kota’s best.

Although he only debuted in the MMA village at the end of 2021, he has already defeated heavyweight Yushi at the Rizin 33 event. The young man is currently in a pretty good position in the boxing scene in Japan and is being beaten. prices will be even more successful in the future.

Some pictures of Miura Kota:

The handsome smile of the young boxer “attracts” the sisters.
Kota is likened to a copy of actor Park Bo Gum, but more masculine.

Netizens’ comments about the beauty of boxer Miura Kota:

“If this guy becomes a K-Pop idol, he’ll be even more popular.”

“More than an idol, Kota looks like an actor”

“If this young man enters the entertainment industry, he will have a huge fan base because of this beauty.”

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