Military Cooperation: Niger and Hungary seal an Agreement. Working visit of the Minister of National Defense to Hungary.

A new stage of leadership in terms of cooperation in the field of Defense has just been taken by Minister Alkassoum INDATTOU.

Indeed, through the signing of a letter of intent on a defense cooperation agreement this Monday, June 26, 2023 in Budapest between the Minister of National Defense of Niger and his Hungarian counterpart, Niger has just expanded the list of partner countries in the field of defence.

According to the Hungarian Defense Minister, his country is happy to cooperate with Niger, one of the most important countries in the Sahel region, within the framework of an equal partnership.

Hungary highly appreciates Niger’s commitment to stability and peace in the Sahel, he said. This is why it attaches strategic importance to the relationship that binds it to Niger.
For the Minister of National Defense of Niger, he affirmed that the negotiations which marked his mission laid the foundations for a solid and lasting cooperation. He also notified that the agreement signed between the two countries constitutes a starting point in the development of bilateral relations. It will be followed by other steps given the will of the two countries to preserve security and stability, particularly in the face of the propaganda of terrorism, he added.

The signed agreement concerns, on the one hand, military cooperation, training, equipment, infrastructure and, on the other hand, the strengthening of military capacities.

Furthermore, the agreement creates a new opportunity for the two countries to promote peace and security.

It also aims to better address the complex challenges they can overcome to create a secure future for citizens, added Minister of National Defense Alkassoum INDATTOU.

Finally, he expressed Niger’s wish to draw inspiration from the Hungarian experience in terms of defense policy while sharing its own experience in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel region.

Both countries are all exposed to security threats. This is why, according to Alkassoum INDATTOU, they can be strategic partners for each other.

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