Military service: start of sending call orders to future conscripts of the 38th contingent

The operation to send call orders to future conscripts for military service within the 38th contingent for the year 2023, began this Saturday, with a view to transmitting them to conscripts throughout the national territory.

This operation was launched in execution of the High Instructions of the Sovereign, Supreme Chief and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces, relating to the taking of the necessary measures for the incorporation of the next promotion of conscripts of both sexes in the service for the year 2023. The General Staff of the FAR has taken all the organizational and logistical measures for this purpose and mobilized all the human and material resources necessary for the success of this operation at the national level. .

This operation benefits from the monitoring and special attention of the Sovereign who watches over the qualification of young Moroccans and offers them opportunities for integration into the development process and the job market, armed with the values ​​of citizenship. as well as principles of commitment and good conduct.

The Recruitment Office has drawn up the call-up orders for the 38th contingent which will be made available to the Royal Gendarmerie in order to notify them to the various candidates, and this, from this month of July, so that all those called up for military service can accomplish their patriotic duty in the best conditions.

In a statement to MAP, the head of the data development and analysis section at the Recruitment Office, Captain Issam Moufidi, indicated that, based on the results of the census operation, carried out by the Ministry of Interior on an age group of Moroccans aged 19 to 25, requests for exemption have been examined by the competent regional commissions. The database of conscripts for military service was then made available to the recruitment office of the General Staff of the FAR.


The IT department has drawn up the call-up orders for military service which will be made available to the Royal Gendarmerie for transmission to the various candidates, he added.

This document, said Captain Moufidi, includes all the necessary information, which allows the conscripts to incorporate the selection centers close to their places of residence and which are distributed throughout the national territory, as well as a transport allowing the person called to reach the selection centers free of charge, whether by train or by bus.

Captain Moufidi recalled that at the end of the selection process, which runs from September 1 to 20, the lists of recruits will be established for this year within the limit of 20,000 recruits.

The conscripts, upon receipt of the appeal order, must appear before the selection and incorporation commission of the designated center on the scheduled date, bring the necessary supporting documents to submit them to the competent commissions (excerpt from birth certificate – electronic national identity card – school certificate proving the level of education or professional training). They must first consult the website, for any additional information relating to transport to reach the selection center.

After completing all the procedures, the conscripts will be incorporated into the 38th contingent in accordance with the established procedures and will be directed to the training centers, set up and equipped by the FAR, with the aim of receiving them in the best conditions.

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