Music conservatories: lecturers now receive between 60 and 120 DH

The Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication has decided to increase the allowances granted to lecturers at music and choreography conservatories under this department.

Under a decree adopted Thursday by the Council of Government, these allowances will increase from 68 to 120 dirhams per hour for lecturers holding a 3rd cycle diploma, from 52 to 90 dirhams for those holding a 2nd cycle diploma and 36 to 60 dirhams for those holding a diploma, said a press release from the ministry.

This decree aims to ensure the continuity of music teaching in all music and choreography conservatories, to compensate for the lack of human resources noted in particular at the level of artistic teachers and to meet the growing demand for this category given the increase in the number of these conservatories and this, through the revision of the allowances paid per hour in favor of these teachers.

The Government Council had adopted, last Thursday, draft decree n°2.23.315 amending decree n°2.02.423 published on May 29, 2003 relating to the allowance granted to lecturers at music and choreography conservatories under of the Ministry of Culture.

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