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Silvina Escudero He lived a happy moment when he fulfilled his wish to marry but at the same time he was disappointed. In a note with “República Z”, the actress had a friend fail her in a relevant instance and ended their relationship.

“That’s when you realize how your friends like you and love you,” explained Silvina Escudero about the absence of her loved one at the wedding. and she added: “My best friend stopped being one. He did not come to my wedding ”.

Later, the famous clarified that it was not a casual friendship: I’m not talking about any kid from a group of friends. He was my best friend for 20 years. He told me that he was on a trip that he was not going to go to civil. Afterwards he never asked me how it went or how the wedding was.

To end her story, Silvina added: “He did not come to church and he never spoke to me again. For me she felt jealous of something but not out of love. It was suffering, I suffered it. She told me that it bothered her that last year she had not gone to her birthday. It’s really sad.”

Silvina and the details of her wedding

«It was a dream, it really was a fairy tale everything… The proposal in Europe, who went there, to ask me to marry. A month or so later we got married civilly, I told him ‘I don’t have time in a month to organize everything, at the end of the year we’ll have the church.’ I chose everything myself, he was almost another guest, he had no idea what was going to happen… He fully trusts my criteria, my taste for finiteness, that is, he knew that I was not going to miss a single detail That’s why I was relaxed,” the model told Vero Lozano in telefe.

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