National women’s basketball in the final, don’t forget our girls…

The women’s national basketball team has just qualified for the final of the 13th Arab Nations Championship after beating its Algerian counterpart by 78-67. Moroccan basketball players will face the formidable team (A) of Egypt in this final.

Moreover, it is the only team that beat the Moroccans in the group stage. Otherwise, it’s an excellent course than the one made by this women’s team about which nobody knows much, including us journalists.

How did they prepare? What resources were made available to them? Dominated in our minds by football performances in all categories, we hardly realized that motivation is growing, reaching other sports disciplines. An honorable fight worthy of the national colors that these basketball girls have and continue to deliver.

At a time when we are still drunk with joy from this CAN U23 trophy won by the lion cubs, we continue with the historic Wac-Raja derby and no one realizes that at the same time, there are Moroccan women in the land of Egypt honoring their country. We go over the technical side and the game strategies dissected by the specialists and we focus on this grinta with which the national basketball team plays which has already reached the podium by reaching this stage of the competition and especially by beating the team Algerian twice.

We can only applaud our basketball players knowing that they deserve better. Good job girls.

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