Newspaper Mail | PF fulfills warrants at the municipal government of Ilhéus

City Hall of Ilhéus is investigated by the Federal Police. Credit: Disclosure

An operation against embezzlement of federal public resources was launched by the Federal Police on the morning of this Friday (7), in Ilhéus, in the south of Bahia. Warrants are being fulfilled in the city hall and in commercial establishments of public servants.

According to the PF, seven search and seizure warrants are being carried out by 31 federal police officers in Ilhéus, the District of Olivença and Itabuna and were issued by the Federal Court of Ilhéus.

This Friday’s operation, called Trapaça, is the second phase of Operation Nefanda, launched in 2021 and fights the crime of embezzlement of federal public resources used to face the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

According to the investigations, the prefecture hired, with waiver of bidding, a company (haras) without technical and operational capacity to manage the campaign shelter intended for the reception of patients infected with covid-19. The company received, at the time, more than R$ 1.2 million.

The contract was analyzed by the Comptroller General of the Union, which found overbilling of more than 82% of the amounts paid. With the deepening of the investigations, it was possible to identify the involvement of municipal public servants with the diversion of public resources from the contract.

According to the PF, those investigated will respond for the crimes of Fraud to the bidding, Embezzlement (art. 171 of the Penal Code); Passive corruption (art. 317 of the Penal Code), Ideological falsehood

(art. 299 of the Penal Code) and Criminal Association (art. 288 of the Penal Code).

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