Newspaper Mail | Show about Casa do Caminho premieres this Saturday (15)

‘Luz, Caminho e Lar’ is presented by 11 volunteer workers from the institution. Credit: Disclosure

The story of one of the largest spiritual centers in Salvador, Casa do Caminho, will be told on stage. Aimed at all audiences, the show ‘Luz, Caminho e Lar’ premieres this Saturday (15th), at 7pm, at its headquarters, located in Sussuarana. Tickets are available at the institution’s bookstore.

For 21 years, Casa do Caminho has offered free spiritual services and social assistance to vulnerable families in that neighborhood. The show, which is even presented by 11 volunteer workers, conveys a message of faith and love for others.

“The public will see themes related to hope, determination, spirituality, ethics, fear and the importance of serving others, regardless of class, gender, race or religion”, anticipated the author and general director of the play, Floriano Barbosa.

After the launch, the production will be back on display on July 23rd and 30th, as well as on August 6th and 13th, always at 4 pm.

Casa do Caminho Spiritist Emergency Service is a non-profit religious, cultural and social assistance organization. Since 2002, it has served the needy population of Sussuarana and surroundings in the capital of Bahia, and its objective is Christian charity and the moral elevation of human beings.

In addition to spiritual care, the center provides assistance to 250 families in vulnerable situations; monthly distribution of 1,000 basic food baskets and 120 layettes for pregnant women; offers medical care in various specialties, including donation of medication and examinations through partner clinics; and legally assists low-income people. Added to this is the institution’s child and youth evangelization, responsible for serving 250 children and 70 babies.

The operation of Casa do Caminho is maintained through the help of volunteer workers, who perform various functions and make donations to the institution.

  • What: Show ‘Light, Way and Home’
  • When: July 15th at 7pm
  • Where: Casa do Caminho, Avenida Ulisses Guimarães, 5000, Sussuarana
  • Tickets: Available at the Casa do Caminho bookshop
  • More information: (71) 99664-0857

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