Newspaper Mail | UFBA celebrates 77 years of foundation with national cultural event among universities

UFBA turns 77 in 2023. Credit: Disclosure

The Federal University of Bahia (Ufba) completes 77 years of foundation in 2023. To celebrate the milestone, which takes place in the same year as the bicentennial of the Independence of Brazil in Bahia, the institution is holding the 1st National Meeting of Culture and Art at Federal Universities Brazilian.

The event, which started on Monday (03) and runs until Wednesday (05), takes place in the Main Hall of the Rectory. It integrates both the anniversary of the institution and the 200 years of Independence. The objective is to discuss ways to strengthen the culture and art actions of universities in Brazil and in the world.

Among the guests are representatives of universities, the artistic-cultural field and cultural bodies of the federal, state and municipal governments. The expectation of the organizers of the meeting is to have, at the end of the lectures, a critical synthesis of different models of institutionalization of cultural practices, equipment and artistic bodies in Brazilian public universities.

  • 09:00 Round table: Stable artistic bodies in Brazilian federal universities

Márcio Steuernagel (UFPR), Marcos Olender (UFJF), Teodora de Araújo Alves (UFRN), José Maurício Brandão (UFBA)

  • 2 pm – Round table: Cultural facilities at Brazilian universities

Alexander Alvaro Malaguti (RNP), Gislana Maria do Socorro Monte do Vale (UFF), Marcelo Cunha (UFBA), Marielle Costa (IBRAM), Antrifo Ribeiro Sanches Neto (UFBA)

  • University culture plans and the National Culture Plan: experiences at universities
  • Approval of the Charter “Democratic University and Culture”

Coordination: Albino Rubim (UFBA)

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