Niederkorn. Police investigate risk of child abduction with white van

Police do not confirm rumors of kidnapping in another city, but there are reports and complaints from minors about the driver of the van.

Alerts continue on the risks of child abduction in Niederkorn and surrounding areas, in the commune of Diferdange, in the south of Luxembourg. The alerts come after rumors that two girls were kidnapped in another city by a driver of a white van.

The police cannot confirm the rumors of the alleged kidnapping, but guarantee that they are taking this information very seriously and have already launched an investigation, he told Virgule.

The suspicious white van was seen circulating in the region, with several children having already reported to the police forces that the driver had approached them, the police have already confirmed to Contacto.

Another minor filed a criminal complaint that the same stranger grabbed her by the arm.

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police investigate

The police have already carried out a first investigation to find the driver of the white van, having also carried out several checks, he specified to Virgule. However, so far the steps have not been successful, but the Public Ministry has instructed the criminal investigation department to proceed with the operations, adds this daily.

One of the warnings about the alleged kidnapping of two girls in another city comes from a publication on Facebook where the author states that in addition to the driver, there may be another passenger in the white van, and that the intention of the subjects is to lure the minors into the vehicle and kidnap them. In the message, published by Virgule, it is read that the police and the Niederkorn school are already aware of the situation.

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