Nineveh.. Disclosure of delay and irregularities in the implementation of projects and the disappearance of official records

The Investigation Department said, in a statement received by Alsumaria News, that “the staff of the Nineveh Investigation Directorate has monitored violations in the implementation of the project of equipping and installing a camera system in the College of Education for Human Sciences at the University of Mosul, indicating that there are no allocations for the implementation of the project, which costs (77,742,000) million dinars, Adding that the initial investment contract for the Mosul Dairy Factory, transferred to a general contracting company, was seized late last year (2022), noting that there were delays and irregularities in the terms of the contract, and that the contracting company introduced imported materials (iron and construction materials) covered by customs exemptions in large, exaggerated quantities. exceed the actual need for it in the project.

And the department added, “The staff, after investigation, follow-up, and audit, concluded that several records belonging to the Mosul Municipality Directorate had disappeared, pointing out that the investigations led to the discovery that two female employees in the directorate had stolen those records and transferred them to their homes, noting that a move was made to the two employees’ homes and an investigation and inspection was conducted.” The fundamentalist who led to the seizure of books, firsts and memos belonging to the municipality’s property.”

And she noted that “a separate operation was carried out in the Rafidain Bank on the right side of the city of Mosul, where the original check issued by the accounts of the Nineveh Water Directorate for the account of a person was seized, noting that the directorate issued the check for disbursement, despite the death of the beneficiary, while the check was endorsed and delivered to a person.” another, against the law.

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