Non-Conventional Water Resources Usage: Morocco Leader Country in the Mediterranean, Says IME Pres.

Speaking at an international workshop on “non-conventional water resources and associated renewable energies” in Rabat, Meyssonnier highlighted that “Morocco is ahead of other countries, particularly in the Mediterranean basin, in combining renewable energies and non-conventional water resources.”

According to the IME’s president, the Kingdom of Morocco is collaborating on the best practices in managing non-conventional water resources, adding that the Institute’s focus lies in addressing the challenge of utilizing this crucial resource in sectors such as agriculture and industry, through proposing an appropriate range of services for better water use in a region on the verge of water stress.

Meyssonnier highlighted the global nature of this issue, particularly in the Mediterranean region, which suffers greatly from water-related challenges. He stressed the necessity and urgency of finding solutions adapted to uses while integrating renewable energies to counter the overexploitation of groundwater resources.

Kamal El-Mahdaoui, political advisor to the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), for his part, stressed the importance of the issue of water scarcity and its sustainable management in a context of climate disruption.

The Mediterranean is at the heart of this challenge, he insisted, as water stress directly impacts the region’s economic growth.

In his view, water management is a strategic issue that requires a holistic approach (political, social, and economic) based on alternative solutions beyond conventional methods.

Emanuela Claudia Del Re, the European Union’s Special Representative for the Sahel, praised Morocco’s efforts to manage non-conventional water resources in a video message.

In this regard, she highlighted the joint commitment of the Kingdom of Morocco and the European Union to implementing a highly effective and efficient policy aimed at achieving sustainability, while fostering partnerships at both regional and international levels to mobilize investments that can offer viable solutions to address present and future challenges.

Morocco is on the “right track” and leading the way for the entire Mediterranean region in utilizing non-conventional resources while integrating renewable energies, emphasized Thursday Alain Meyssonnier, the president of the Institut Méditerranéen de l’Eau ( Mediterranean Water Institute -IME).

22 June 2023

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