“Nothing will stop our Zomlo’o… Not even prison”

The empire of Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga is growing.

The businessman, head of the Anecdote consortium has launched into the distribution of petroleum products in Cameroon. He intends to conquer a large market share in this juicy sector of activity.

Billionaire Ekang’s first gas station has opened. This is ABP Petroleum of Ahala, in a southern district of the city, Yaoundé III district.

Some languages, however, predicted the economic fall of the boss of Vision 4, who today has trouble with the justice system in the Martinez Zogo case. Nay! Although detained, Amougou Belinga wants to see his name appear in the very closed circle of true captains of industry in Cameroon.

His supporters can rejoice: Nothing will stop our Zomlo’o JPAB! Not even jail. This child of the forest and bulimic of the development, launches out in the distribution of the petroleum products. Whether we like it or not, JPAB will bring the Ekangs and even Cameroon out of darkness. What a great builder! », Writes exiled commissioner Junior Zogo.

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