Our tips for a successful laundry room layout

The laundry room is often considered a utility space dedicated exclusively to household chores. However, in recent years it has gained popularity as key elements in interior design. Because of this, well-designed and aesthetically pleasing laundry rooms can turn a chore into a pleasant one.

Let’s find out how to arrange a laundry room to bring both practicality and style to your home.

Laundry layout – Herringbone Kitchens

When thinking about a home’s layout, the laundry room is often not seen as a priority room. However, this piece has many practical advantages and can greatly simplify your daily life.

Optimize your room space

One of the main benefits of having a laundry room is the organization it provides. Instead of having your dirty laundry strewn all over the house, you can collect them in one place. A well-designed laundry room will allow you to have baskets or bins dedicated to sorting laundry, thus facilitating the washing process. You will save valuable time by avoiding going back and forth between different rooms of the house to perform this essential task.

When design of your laundry room, so it will be essential to optimize the available space. Wall cabinets, shelves and drawers can be used to maximize storage.

You can also use wicker or plastic baskets to sort dirty laundry and store cleaning supplies. Organization is the key to creating a practical and functional room.

A laundry room offers a space dedicated to drying clothes. You can install clothes rails, drying racks or even a wall dryer for hanging wet or delicate clothes. This avoids cluttering other rooms in the house with clotheslines stretched everywhere.

Laundry room layout
Laundry decoration – Anne Bode

Play with colors and textures

do not forget add color and textures : this room must be pleasant! Go for bright, energizing colors that will brighten up the space. Cement tiles or textured wall coverings can add personality to the room. Using colorful rugs or matching curtains can also add a touch of style to your laundry room.

Laundry storage
Laundry cane furniture – EST living

Bet on adequate lighting in your laundry room

lighting is a crucial aspect often overlooked in this technical piece. Make sure you have adequate lighting to make the space functional and enjoyable. Pendant lights or spotlights above the washing machine can provide targeted light. Windows are also an excellent source of natural light.

Laundry room layout
Laundry decoration advice – The delicacy

We prefer elegant household appliances

Modern laundries are no longer content with having basic washing machines and dryers. Appliance manufacturers have understood the importance of aesthetics and now offer elegant and sophisticated models. Opt for appliances with chrome or colored finishes to add a touch of elegance to your room.

Otherwise, you can always opt for custom closed storagein which you can camouflage your appliances.

Convenient and pretty laundry room
Bespoke wooden storage – Vogue

The advantage of a laundry room: reduced noise pollution

When the laundry room is located in a separate room, you can enjoy a significant advantage: reduction of noise pollution. Washing machines and dryers can generate noise, but by isolating them in a utility room, you lessen their impact on the rest of the house. This allows your family to go about their business without being disturbed by the noise of working appliances.

Wooden laundry cabinet
Tailor-made laundry room layout – EST living

Try to create a multifunctional space

If your space permits, you can transform your laundry room into a multifunctional space. Add a sink to facilitate hand washing or create an ironing area with an integrated board. You can also incorporate storage space for cleaning products but also seasonal items such as coats, boots or sports accessories.

Well-arranged shelves, cupboards or cupboards will allow you to optimize this storage space. This will save you from cluttering other rooms in the house with these items and will allow you to have them close at hand when you need them.

laundry room storage
Laundry storage – It is Prydalna

In conclusion, we can say that integrating a laundry room into your home has many practical advantages.

If well designed and functional, it will help make your daily life easier and more enjoyable, simplifying household chores and freeing up space in the rest of the house.

Featured image, a signed laundry room Folk Studio.

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