PAM takes control of the Royal Garden stage of the La Magnifique Society festival

On Sunday June 25, join PAM at the La Magnifique Society festival for a carte blanche on the Royal Garden stage! On the program, the performances of Queen Asher and Rehema Tajiri and Decay from the Nyege Nyege collective. We make you win passes for Sunday. Send first and last names to: [email protected]

The electro scene of the Reims festival will be placed under the sign of effervescence this Sunday, June 25th. PAM takes the reins from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. and presents a sumptuous delegation from the Nyege Nyege collective with Queen Asher x Rehema Tajiri and Decay. An all-female set for an evening that will go down in history. Firstly because we will see on stage the mother – Rehema Tajiri – and her daughter – Queen Asher. The former let her musical talent blossom in 2002 by surfing on her love of Congolese rumba, before joining the singeli scene in 2017. Invited by the Nyege Nyege collective to their 2018 festival, she made her first appearance in the Boiler Room during the Ugandan festival. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Queen Asher became singeli’s first female DJ, then moved into producing and composing beats for her mother. A scenic connection that takes singeli to a whole new dimension. Our third artist is not to be outdone, Decay, a longtime producer and DJ at Nyege. His sets are an invitation to regain power, to lose all inhibition and to achieve joy, the real one! Whether she plays trap, dancehall, naija or ballroom, groove is omnipresent in Decay’s sets. Rhythm, warmth and good spirit will be the key words of this evening that PAM is delighted to present to you at the heart of the Magnifique Society festival.

Because beyond this evening, La Magnifique Society is a 4-star program over 3 days, which takes up residence in the magnificent setting of the Champagne park, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Aya Nakamura, the most listened to French-speaking artist in the world, will make the bodies sweat to the zouk rhythms of her latest album. The prince of Afrobeats Rema will offer you a one-way ticket to Lagos thanks to his celestial vocals and his rhythms which have now toured the world. As for Angèle, the young singer who needs no introduction, she will make you experience the emotions of her live performances, as if you were at Coachella (where she recently performed). But it’s also Kabeaushé, Meryl, Lova Lova, Vacra and many more. A cast brought together by one key word, talent. Come and dream with them – and with us – for a weekend that already promises to be memorable.

Sunday, June 25, PAM Night presents Queen Asher x Rehema Tajiri and Decay
The Magnificent Society, from June 23 to 25 in Reims: the complete program ici.

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