Parliamentary Press Prize: And the winners are…

Thus, the Parliamentary Press Merit Prize was awarded to journalist Mohamed Chaoui, of the daily “L’Économiste”, while the Written Press Prize was awarded to the journalist of the magazine “Zamane”, Ghassan El Kechouri, for his article entitled “Why has the opposition disappeared from the constitutions of the Kingdom?”, while the Electronic Press Prize went to journalist Abdelhak Belachgar, of the “Alyaoum24” site, for his article entitled Amazigh language in the House of Representatives: behind the scenes of an unprecedented experience”.

Regarding the Visual Prize category, journalist Abdelmjid Hallaoui of the “Al Maghribia” channel was awarded for his documentary “Six decades of Moroccan parliamentary experience: democracy at the service of development and territorial integrity”, while the audio prize was awarded equally to journalist Najma Boubel of “Radio Amazighe” for her program “An introductory episode to the Moroccan Parliament through its participation in the International Book Fair” and journalist Jamal Bel ehssen of the same radio for his program “Assessment of the first 100 days of government and what role for Parliament in monitoring government action?”.

As for the Photography Prize, it was awarded to journalist Rachid Tniouni of the weekly magazine “TelQuel”.

In a speech for the occasion, Talbi El Alami welcomed the number of participants during this edition, noting that this exceptional participation compared to the two previous editions reflects the growing interest given by the national media to parliamentary action and constitutes a concretization of the importance given by the House of Representatives to the development of the national press, which it considers as a real partner contributing to the improvement of parliamentary action.

He affirmed that the legislative institution is open to all actors in the media field, stressing that the House of Representatives has taken care to work with the representatives of the national media to improve the texts governing the press and media sector.

Talbi El Alami also said that the process of implementing a new accreditation procedure for journalists has been launched, in coordination between the offices of the two Chambers of Parliament, noting that training sessions will be organized for the benefit of journalists according to their needs and wishes. He also expressed the Chamber’s openness to all proposals aimed at facilitating the work of journalists and improving media coverage of parliamentary action in general.

For his part, the President of the jury of the Parliamentary Press Prize, the journalist Jilali Benhalima indicated that precise criteria have been defined to reward the journalistic works in the running, indicating that the members of the jury have particularly ensured that these works reflect the debates and discussions within parliament, and that they are professionally consistent and respectful of journalistic ethics.

He added that the candidatures submitted for the Parliamentary Press Prize during this edition were three times more numerous than those submitted during previous editions, which testifies to the influence of this prize within the journalistic milieu interested in parliamentary action.

And to recall that the Parliamentary Press Prize, awarded in accordance with article 136 of the internal regulations of the House of Representatives, aims to reward Moroccan journalists or a media institution in recognition of their individual or collective efforts in the development and promotion of parliamentary action, the strengthening of political participation and the consecration of the State of institutions.

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