Penal majority at 16, doubling of closed educational centers … the shock proposals of the right after the riots

“The French demand a firm will,” said Thursday July 6 the boss of LR, Éric Ciotti, who proposes in particular to create 80,000 prison places by 2027 and to toughen the criminal response for minors.

Faced with the riots, “the first response is order, calm and harmony”, estimated Thursday Emmanuel Macron, in Pau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), where he participated in a brief walkabout and met elected officials, before heading to the Hautes-Pyrénées for the sixth stage of the Tour de France.

“We are going to build deep decisions in the coming weeks”, he added, as the LR party unveiled its proposals “to restore public order”, while urban violence shook France after the death of Nahel, killed by police fire on June 27 in Nanterre, during a refusal to comply.

“Doubling the number of closed educational centers”

“The French demand a firm will”, said Thursday, the boss of LR, Éric Ciotti, who proposes to create 80,000 prison places by 2027, “with the opening of penal establishments reserved for minors” and a “doubling of the number of closed educational centers”, notably via “the installation of modular structures”.

He also proposes to toughen the criminal response to minors: immediate appearances even without the consent of the parents, criminal majority at 16, end of the “minority excuse”, short prison sentences instead of alternative sanctions…

Immigration: the French want tougher rules

According to a Odoxa-Backbone Consulting survey for Le Figaro, published Thursday, 84% of French people condemn the violence of the riots and 59% demand a toughening of the bill planned for the fall on immigration.

The first secretary of the PS, Olivier Faure, denounced on Thursday a “populist festival of the worst kind” which, according to him, the right and the far right are engaged in, calling for him to “federate the country”.

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