Poor implementation of a billion dinars project and seizure of 266 customs declarations in Wasit

In a statement received by Alsumaria News, the department stated, “The work team of the Wasit Investigation Office, which moved to the governorate office, set the priorities for the governorate to receive the project to establish a park at a cost of (1,090,871,000) billion dinars in the Numaniyah district, despite the poor implementation, indicating that the project was referred to One of the local limited general contracting companies within the regional development projects for the year 2012.

And she pointed out that “the team following up on the work of the Zurbatiya border crossing and the Control and Investigation Division, which seized the original (266) customs declarations that were issued during the months of January and February of this year, noting that checking a sample of the customs declarations belonging to a company revealed that fraud had occurred. Employees in the appraisal unit at the port accepted the dollar calculation of the value of the goods, for the purpose of reducing the value of the fee, which led to damage to public money.

And she confirmed, “Setting the priorities for the purchase of (85) solar energy cell systems by the Kut Dam Project Administration, for the purpose of lighting the dam, noting that the cells that were purchased in 2010, for an amount of (226,900,000) million dinars, were left in the warehouses and were not used for what It made it vulnerable to damage and extinction. As for the Kut Municipality Directorate, a forged transaction was seized to allocate a piece of land to the segment of the displaced outside Iraq, indicating that the signature and seal of the legal representative of the municipality was forged in the written declaration submitted in the transaction.

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