President Bazoum bangs his fist on the table

The operation “a ba gawa kashi, dan mai rai ya ji tshoro, in other words, whipping the corpse to scare the living, undertaken since the swearing in of the president bazoum is picking up again.

Indeed, we have just learned that former Sonuci officials have been arrested, after interrogations and court hearings. These mis en cause will answer for their calamitous management of a society which has been transformed into a cash cow.

Inspection reports which are the basis of these arrests report embezzlement of several billion CFA francs.

We remember that recently in an interview granted to the BBC in Hausa, President Bazoum had not minced his words on corruption and the enormous weight it weighs on our economy.

Drawing again and without waffling, he had reaffirmed that he will be merciless against the thieves of the state. And to better demonstrate his commitment to this operation, he stated bluntly that 40 out of 50 state thieves caught and imprisoned by the Nigerien justice system are militants of the pnds tarayya. That is to say, it was his party comrades who believed that the pink umbrella allowed them to escape the clutches of justice.

These gluttonous and rapacious comrades who were hands off the resources of the state will now know that President Bazoum has no friends or proteges when it comes to defending the interests of Niger.

In the past, many rapets got pink to steal and taunt the people. Today, this privilege is lost forever. They will have to give back and answer for their forfeiture.

The scalp now hangs over the heads of those who filled their gargantuan pockets with the public purse.

The various inspection reports, the reports of the Court of Auditors which are in the hands of justice, and, in complete independence, justice is in the process of dealing with them on a case-by-case basis.

President Bazoum set the tone as soon as he arrived at the supreme magistracy, he will not back down.

We are already learning that several officials who have managed state companies in a cavalier manner are being heard.
I don’t know new, thunder.

By Aghali Ibrahim (Contribution Web)

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