Proposal on the Statute of Former Presidents approved in general terms

The deputies of the National Assembly approved, this Thursday, in general, the Proposal of Law that approves the Statute of Former Presidents of the Republic.

Appraised during the 7th Ordinary Plenary Meeting of the 1st Legislative Session of the V Legislature, the document had 175 votes in favour, none against and no abstentions.

It has 14 articles and five chapters, highlighting, among others, the scope of application, in which it is proposed that the law be applicable to former Presidents of the Republic and former vice-presidents, excluding those who have been removed from office. , as well as those who have resigned from their mandate.

It reserves rights, immunities, rules on impediments, secrecy and confidentiality, cessation and suspension of rights.

According to the Minister of State and Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic, Adão de Almeida, who presented the proposal, in general, the spirit of the law in force is maintained, seeking to give the new diploma a better formal structuring and a set of simpler solutions, which guarantee better application and greater dignity for their recipients.

The proposal contains, among others, the rights to a lifetime monthly subsidy, corresponding to the base salary of the President of the Republic in office, health insurance, personal doctor, residence, official vehicles, security, office and end-of-term subsidy.

Even today, parliamentarians unanimously approved, during the final global vote, the Bill that approves the Labor Procedure Code, with 181 votes.

It is a diploma that will make it possible to unify and systematize the different separate rules on Procedural Labor Law in Angola, with a view to seeking greater legal certainty and security.

The National Assembly also gave a favorable opinion to the Legislative Authorization Bill that authorizes the President of the Republic, as holder of the Executive Power, to legislate on the amendment of the Tax Regime for the Concession of Blocks 30, 44 and 45, located in deep waters and ultra-deep waters of the Namibe basin.

Also approved, during the plenary session, was the Draft Resolution approving the authorization request for the International Double Adoption of minors Kiary André and Eduardo Suculeta.


Members of the MPLA parliamentary bench repudiated the acts of disorder registered in the last demonstrations in the provinces of Luanda, Huambo and Benguela.

They recognized the rights and freedom of citizens, enshrined in the Constitution, underlining the need for them to be enjoyed responsibly, within the framework of the law, always bearing in mind respect for the rights of others.

According to Luísa Damião, one of the participants in the debate on citizens’ rights and freedoms versus acts of disorder, which preceded the voting process, the MPLA, as a party that promotes peace and stability, defends peaceful, orderly demonstrations and respect for the constitution.

He referred that the country needs everyone, especially citizens coated with an exemplary culture of tolerance and deeply committed to the fundamental values ​​and principles of independence, peace, unity and national reconciliation and sustainable development.

The deputy Benedito Daniel, who spoke on behalf of the mixed PRS/FNLA parliamentary group, corroborated the disapproval of acts of violence and destruction of public and private property.

The meeting was also marked by the rejection of a protest request by UNITA, while points six and seven, initially proposed for general discussion and voting, referring to the organic law of the Regulatory Entity of Social Communication and on the Statute of Journalist, were removed from the agenda. VC/AL/ADR

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