Selling duck eggs to ‘tech giants’, old farmer earns 1.5 billion dong/year

There was a time when unsold eggs piled up into mountains

As one of the 100 excellent faces of Vietnamese farmers in 2022, old farmer Nguyen Van Mui from Tan Lieu commune (Yen Dung, Bac Giang) happily said, before becoming a billionaire duckling in lowland areas, His entrepreneurial journey was also arduous. There are times when the ducks and pigs are empty, there are times when duck eggs are piled high like a mountain without knowing where to sell.

But now, duck eggs are made and sold to companies there, regularly earning hundreds of millions of dong every month.

He said, Tan Lieu commune, his hometown, is a low-lying field where rice can only be grown for one crop, but it is unstable. In return, that field is flooded all year round, so fish and shrimp are abundant. From June to November every year, he and his wife go back to the lowlands to catch fish and shrimp.

Self-identified as a “fish killer”, one night he earned 2 quintals of fish and shrimp. However, after more than 5 years in the sun, he fell ill, his body was only skin and bones, so he had to quit his job.

Mr. Nguyen Van Mui (first from left) attends a conference on Tam Nong in Hanoi (Photo: Khanh Nguyen)

In 2000, he decided to invest in a 1km inland road to receive a contract for 3ha of fields, with the aim of opening a livestock farm. A few years later, the road was completed, he started raising 1,000 ducks and dozens of sows. Not long after, a foot-and-mouth disease caused his pigs to die. He and his wife were empty-handed and in debt.

The whole family wrapped up in the South to earn a living, and he even went to Taiwan to work as a worker.

In 2012, returning from Taiwan, on the available ground, he spent 100 million VND to build a barn and buy 2,000 laying ducks to raise. In the process of selling eggs everywhere, he learned the craft of hatching duck eggs.

In 2013, he borrowed money from his cousins, bought an incubator and decided to expand the scale of the ducks. Because, he realizes that the market for duck eggs and commercial eggs has a lot of potential, especially in Bac Giang province, where industrial parks are booming, and the demand for food is great.

Accordingly, he hired people to carry thousands of trucks of land to the lowland fields and converted into a livestock farm. From 2013-2017, each year he invested 1 billion VND to expand the farm.

However, instead of breeding ducks in the traditional way, Mr. Mui chose to raise ducks in the direction of biosecurity with 3,000 ducks in two areas. Each area is separated by masonry walls and mesh fences, with separate entrance gates. The barn is equipped with a clean water tank, a dedicated feeder, with biological padding, and a clean disinfection pit.

“I am afraid of failure and empty-handed as before, so I calculated carefully, choosing a bio-secure breeding method for high-quality eggs,” he shared. Also because of this new thinking, Mr. Mui’s duck farm earns billions of dollars, never losing money every year.

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