Shocked to find out that the ex-girlfriend is the sister of the fiancé

Four years apart, not returning home, but we still talk to each other over the phone, telling each other what happens every day. I told her about the cold in a foreign land, she told me about the summer heat in her hometown. I always miss you, I am not familiar with other girls because I am determined to only love you. I believe you too.

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Finally, the waiting day has come, I am about to return to Vietnam, she has also been accepted as a contract teacher in a school.

However, life events occurred, when I returned home, I also witnessed my parents’ business default to the point of selling all their houses and going to a foreign country, the amount of debt was up to billions, so I couldn’t help myself. solvable. Desperately depressed and missing you, I am even more sad.
In the message with her, she told about our future, that she wanted to have a simple wedding, the two of them lived happily together.

You don’t know that at this moment I am still in the mood to get married, the creditors come to my company to collect the debt. Desperate, I would like to move to work in an attractive company in a foreign country. Outside of work, I play light sports with my colleagues and reminisce about you in my spare time.

Many times tears fell and I decided to quietly leave you forever. I cancel my phone number, email address, don’t want you not to suffer because of me.

Five years after becoming a well-to-do brother, I paid off all my debt to my parents and bought a small house for them to live in the city.

With the trust of my friends, I decided to establish a company. Sometimes I think of finding her, holding her in my arms and kneeling to apologize, but maybe now she is happy with her husband and children, so I don’t dare to disturb her.
During a contract with a partner company, I met a girl similar to her. After two months, I decided to get acquainted, still sparkling eyes, soft voice makes the feeling of being with you come back to life.

She said she has another sister in her family, her job is stable, but she hasn’t been married yet. A few more months and the love exchange, I realized that I also needed a home, so I set a date to return to my lover’s hometown to debut.

However, unbelievably, my fiancé is my ex-girlfriend’s sister – the girl I used all my youth to love and then cowardly ran away in pain.

I’m really confused now because I don’t know how to face my current lover and my ex…

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