The 1st Moharram 1445 celebrated Wednesday in Morocco

In a statement, the ministry confirmed the observation of the lunar crescent of the month of Moharram at sunset on Tuesday 29 Dou El Hijja 1444 (corresponding to July 18, 2023).

As a result, the 1st Moharram of the new year of the Hegira 1445 will correspond to Wednesday July 19, 2023, according to the same source.

May God, in this month and this new year, shower His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Amir Al Mouminine, with His favors and renew such an opportunity for the Sovereign in greatness, glory and benefits, for HRH Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan and all the members of the illustrious Royal Family in happiness and tranquility and for the Moroccan people and the entire Islamic Umma in progress and prosperity.

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