The bottlenecks in this country: some officials

It is unfortunate to note that the bottlenecks in this country still remain certain administrative officials who are not ashamed to lie in front of the sovereign people.

Indeed, many of the retirees to the bank transfer and the various ticketing have still been cheated, because they do not yet have their retirement pensions on June 27, 2023.
Ask the banks and the various ticket agents for the reasons.

During these days of great devotion, it was necessary to be more honest and more sincere.

Honesty would require that we get down to getting all those concerned back in their rights rather than organizing a sham payment which consists in deceiving the vigilance of the highest political and administrative authorities.

The majority of retirees who have contacted us complain about the slowness in the payment procedure.

Many retirees will celebrate without touching their pensions. It is not elegant and courteous to make crude arrangements to deceive people and make the public believe that all retirees are paid on the eve of the party.

Honesty and sincerity would like us to explain to national public opinion why all retirees have not returned to their rights as promised on the eve of this tabaski festival.

Me personally, the hundred people who contacted me did not receive their pensions as of June 27, 2023.

Why lie to us? What will it be used for?

When you say, you have paid all the retirees while many are not paid for reasons that only you have the secret, there you are creating conflicts in certain households. The householder will find it difficult to explain to his family that he is not paid on the eve of the feast.

It would be highly desirable to stop certain counterproductive propaganda.
Make a press release, ask those who have not received their retirement pensions to introduce themselves to you, you will be edified.

Let’s be vigilant, honest and sincere with yourselves. Let’s not lie to ourselves.

Niger wins!


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