The CNT holds its General Assembly

The Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assemblies of the CNT took place in an atmosphere marked by optimism. The members of the CNT were delighted and proud of the results obtained thanks to their hard work within the organization, focusing on co-construction, competitiveness and sustainability to strengthen the attractiveness of the tourist destination. This approach has accelerated the development of the sector and created conditions conducive to progress and prosperity for all actors involved.

Since its election two years ago, the new office of the CNT has worked tirelessly to revive the tourism sector. He supported the strategy of the supervising ministry and promoted the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT), while working on the restructuring of the various trades in the tourist industry.

According to Hamid Bentahar, president of the CNT: “We are both giddy and proud of everything that has happened over the past two years: the return of the travel and hospitality industries to the “game” which coincides with a new era for our confederation. We are now on the strength of a recovered business, an unprecedented resilience and an ambition that is materializing, reinforced by our new roadmap.”

Over the past two years, the CNT has made several significant advances that have contributed significantly to the revival of the sector. These achievements include the development of a roadmap and a new recovery pact, comprising 10 major proposals, as well as the start of their implementation. In addition, the CNT has signed a partnership agreement with the ONMT, which has led to numerous joint communication and promotion actions, both in Morocco and abroad. The establishment of a joint task force, the renewal of the progress contract with the supervisory ministry for the period 2022-2024, as well as partnerships with various institutions such as ISITT, OFPPT, Anapec and Ausim to improve the training and upgrading of talents in the sector, have also been carried out. Finally, events such as the “Travel Tech” focused on competitiveness and sustainability were organized.

All tourism stakeholders, united within the CNT, share this common vision of co-construction, competitiveness and sustainability. The CNT’s slogan, “Together even stronger”, has never been so relevant.

The Ordinary General Assembly (AGO) of the National Confederation of Tourism also unanimously approved the moral, financial and Statutory Auditor reports for the 2021 and 2022 financial years. In addition, the AGO gave full and complete approval to the President of the CNT and to the Board of Directors for their management during these two financial years. The income and expense account as well as the balance sheet for the years 2021 and 2022 were presented and approved.

The Extraordinary General Assembly (AGE) validated the adaptation of the new statutes of the National Confederation of Tourism, aimed at strengthening its governance bodies and complying with the best standards in this area.

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