the filling of the Nachtigal dam announced for July 18, 2023

Good sources, the Nachtigal dam, under construction in the Central region of Cameroon, will be filled with water on July 18, 2023, thus allowing this project carried by the Nachtigal Hydro Power Company (NHPC) to take another important step. According to experts, this operation consists of filling the reservoir of the dam with water. ” The water will come into contact with the structures for the first time. We will then see the restraint forming », Explains a source involved in this hydroelectric project with a production capacity of 420 MW.

The success of this operation is a decisive step towards the production of the first 60 megawatts (MW) of electricity, the injection of which into the Southern interconnected network (RIS) is scheduled for December 2023. This thanks to the completion since September 2021, i.e. six months in advance of the contractual deadlines, of the construction work for the various transmission lines.

According to the NHPC, the installation of the six other turbines with a capacity of 60 MW each will be done gradually, until the complete commissioning of this energy infrastructure announced for 2024. Once 100% operational, the dam of Nachtigal will, on its own, increase Cameroon’s current capacities by 30%.

In addition, this investment of a total amount of 786 billion FCFA will boost the contribution of hydroelectricity in the country’s energy mix, with the corollary of substantial savings on the purchase of fuels intended to run the thermal power plants of supplement, scattered over the national territory.

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