The Israeli-Malagasy Chamber of Commerce operational

Economic relations between Madagascar and Israel are firming up. The Israel-Madagascar Chamber of Commerce was inaugurated yesterday at the International Chamber of Commerce in Antaninarenina. “This organization has been around for a long time. He was born only now”, indicates the vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce, Jaona Rakotonavahy, on the occasion of this ceremony. From now on, Madagascar will be able to exploit existing activities and outlets in Israel. And vice versa. This organization will link partners and companies from Israel with those from Madagascar. “This cooperation between Israel and Madagascar is a mutual contribution that each can make towards the other”, declares Benjamin Memmi, the honorary consul of Israel in Madagascar. An opportunity for convergence of business opportunities, according to the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Consumer Affairs. An economic and cultural mission is planned to be held in Israel in October. This will be an opportunity for Madagascar to present to this country its main potential in all areas, including agriculture, crafts. Companies are invited to participate in this event. This mission will also allow Madagascar to learn how this country works. Many Israeli operators would like to invest in Madagascar. “The blockage is our lack of knowledge of the standards required by this country”, underlines the Israeli-Malagasy Chamber of Commerce. Before investing and importing, Israel will already see if our products suit it or not. He will bring his techniques, to adapt our products with his standards. He will also be able to train us to produce abundantly, on a small non-irrigated plot.

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