The Marrakech judiciary sends a former deputy prosecutor behind bars

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On the evening of Monday, July 10, 2023, the misdemeanor chamber of the Court of First Instance in Marrakesh condemned the former deputy prosecutor of the same court, and the lawyer in the Casablanca Authority, to two months in prison and a fine of 1,000 dirhams, on the background of his follow-up with illegal behavior inside a hotel. Classified in the red city.

The attorney general at the Court of First Instance in Marrakesh decided, on Sunday, June 25, to pursue the lawyer, along with two other persons, on charges related to “possession and consumption of cocaine, sexual harassment of a woman, public breach of public decency, non-public insult, and material losses of money.” Movable owned by others, violence, impersonation of law regulations, the conditions for its acquisition, and fleeing after committing a traffic accident to evade criminal and civil liability, each according to the one attributed to him.

It is noteworthy that the accused was convicted by the misdemeanor and disciplinary chamber of the Court of First Instance in Marrakesh, with one month suspended imprisonment and a fine of 2000 dirhams during the past week.

Before he was again in the grip of the security forces, after they managed to arrest him on the eve of Thursday, June 22, after he got into a quarrel with the employees of a classified hotel in the “Glaiz” neighborhood.

According to informed sources, the accused was in an abnormal state and caused material losses to the contents of the hotel, and after receiving a report on the matter, the elements of the First Security Department intervened to stop him, as he was caught in his possession after searching the room in which he resides, an amount of money estimated at 13 million centimeters, and about 13 pounds. A roll of cocaine.

The arrest of the person concerned came a few days after a similar incident, after he entered, on Wednesday, June 14, in Shanan with employees of a hotel in Hassan II Street in the soil of Guliz district, which developed into an assault on a hotel official, which necessitated contacting the department’s agents. The first wish that moved to the spot.

According to the same sources, the accused, who was married to a famous artist, found inside his car a box of shoes filled to the brim with sums of money of about 34 million centimeters, in addition to the drug “buffa” and cocaine, after an inspection supervised by the security forces.

The same data indicated that the inspection of the lawyer’s house, on instructions from the Public Prosecution, made it possible to seize an additional amount of “cocaine” that was seized for the purpose of research and submission.

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