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In the last few hours, the new presidential planeand Boeing 757-200arrived at the Argentina from Miami, United States. Painted in the colors of the flag and equipped with new technology, the aircraft arrived in the country and made a “baptism” flight that caused controversy on social networks because the pilot’s maneuver was reckless.

The ship, which will replace the Tango 01, arrived in the country around 5:00 p.m. and minutes later began to fly through Argentina. Unity first began to fly very close to the runway landing area and little by little it raised its height until suddenly it began to lean abruptly to its left side, although this is common.

The maneuver is called «low flight»and it is a custom that is carried out in to celebrate the retirement of a pilot or the incorporation of an aircraft into the fleet. These types of events do not endanger the passengers of the plane or the unit if carried out prudently, something that was debated by the specialists in the subject that NA consulted.

“The plane can do the maneuver. Now is it necessary? SIf there is nothing coordinated or someone did not ask you to do it, from my point of view, it is quite illogical. It is a new plane, the pilots have just been certified on the plane. It was just a plane transfer,” said pilot and aeronautical consultant Carlos Rinzelli about this ritual.

Another issue about this plane that brought controversy is the great expense that the change of unit represented for the State. In addition to delivering the Tango 01 purchased by Carlos Menem, the Government paid USD 25 million for this new unit, which has the capacity to transport 39 passengers and updated technology, such as the possibility of communicating abroad or flying directly to Europe.

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