The socio-political and economic situation of Niger and the international situation require of each Nigerien a minimum of patriotic awareness.

The way things are going, our dear country, Niger, once considered a great reference in the search for knowledge, seriousness and competence in work, would risk importing executives from outside to help to manage its public administration, because of laxity, carelessness and culpable negligence, in the rational management of resources, human, financial and natural. If we don’t take heed and act while it’s time.

Among other grievances noted here and there, these failures, which only drag the country down:

1/ Organization of pilgrimages:
For nearly ten years, our public administration has always had difficulties in organizing the activities of pilgrimages to the holy places of Islam in the best possible conditions. The bottlenecks are nevertheless well known, but for reasons that are difficult to understand, solutions happy definitive ones are slow to be found. And yet, the competent human resources and the means exist!

2/ The reform of the retirement of civil servants:

For nearly seven months, the implementation of a simple pension reform in the public service has been stalled, for reasons that are objectively inexplicable, the skills needed to relieve the suffering of the many pensioners of the civil service, some of which are now accusing several months of arrears of payment of retirement pensions and other civil servants admitted to asserting their rights to retirement, are still awaiting the delivery of their retirement pension booklets.

3/ In the field of energy and water:

In the field of energy and the distribution of drinking water, NIGELEC and the water company of Niger are unable to meet the needs of customers despite the enormous financial resources invested by the State of Niger. , because of, laxity and carelessness. It is also to be deplored that the accounts are still not required of the agents concerned.

4/ In the field of education:

In the field of education, higher, secondary, primary, and professional, our dear country is behind the neighboring countries which formerly sent their students to our university and vocational training institutions to seek knowledge, always because of the laxity and complacency of which we are all guilty.

Height of negligence and carelessness, of notorious failure, the subject of mathematics in the baccalaureate exams of series D, June 2023 session, will be resumed due to a serious error in the writing of the subject. What! after the deliberation of the juries!

5/ In the field of public health:

Public hospitals, public health centers and dispensaries lack the means to deal effectively with the health situation of citizens.
The Hippocratic oath is no longer well respected in some health facilities despite the sanctions imposed by the competent authorities.
By policy of Austria, we make believe that all is well, we distribute testimonies of satisfaction of convenience.
We are all guilty!

Unexpected visits, political and administrative authorities in the various public services would undoubtedly allow to get a good first-hand look at the realities on the ground and to fully understand the situation, the cries of heart of ordinary citizens.

The current socio-political and economic situation of our country requires from each Nigerien a minimum of sacrifice and a collective patriotic awareness, to meet these great challenges that beset us.

Austria’s policy could lead the country to the abyss.
Let’s stop lying to ourselves, let’s look the situation in the face, happy solutions are within our reach.
No one will come from outside to develop, build and protect this country for us.
Let’s all act together, Niger wins!


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