The statement issued after the cabinet meeting

The Council of Ministers met today, Thursday (06 July) 2023, under the chairmanship of His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani, President of the Republic.

The Council studied and approved a draft law allowing the ratification of the funding agreement signed on June 08, 2023 between the Islamic Republic of Mauritania and the International Association for Development, which is intended to contribute to the financing of the project for harmonization and improvement of statistics in West and Central Africa.

This draft law aims to improve countries’ statistical performance, regional coordination, data access and use, and promote the modernization of the statistical system in participating countries.

At the national level, the current project comes in support of the Five-Year Priority Action Plan (2021-2025) for the last ten-year national strategy for statistical development (2021-2030), which aims to build an effective and credible statistical system on the horizon of 2030 with sufficient resources with an appropriate legal and regulatory framework where Its outputs meet the national developmental political needs and user needs.

At the regional level, the project will support the National Agency for Statistics, Demographic and Economic Analysis in order to align the Strategy for the Harmonization of Statistics in Africa 2017-2026 of the African Union Commission with regional and global commitments for better follow-up of the SDGs.

The Council also studied and approved the following two draft decrees:

A draft decree appointing the chairman and members of the board of directors of the National Health Solidarity Fund

A draft decree approving the plan for zoning the new city of Badr (the Badr community, the municipality of Umm Lahyaz, the district of Laayoun, the wilaya of Hodh al-Gharbi) and declaring it of public interest.

This plan comes within the framework of the efforts of the public authorities in the field of agglomeration of towns, which will enable citizens in various villages and towns to access services and networks while creating an appropriate and modern urban framework in accordance with urban rules while ensuring peace and security.

The new Badr City subdivision scheme covers a total area of ​​254 hectares and contains:

– plots of land suitable for habitation purposes,

– plots of land suitable for commercial purposes,

Real estate reserves allocated to public facilities

– public squares,

green spaces,

real estate reserve area,

roads and networks,

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Mauritanians Abroad gave a statement on the international situation.

The Minister of Interior and Decentralization gave a statement on the situation at home.

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