The telecom sector recorded in 2022, a turnover of more than 278 billion FCFA

In Niger, “The electronic communications sector recorded in 2022, a turnover of more than 278.6 billion CFA, an increase of 4% compared to 2021”.

The information comes, this Monday, June 26, 2023, from the President of the National Council for the Regulation of Electronic Communication and Post (CNRCEP), Mrs. Betty Aichatou Habibou Oumani, during the presentation ceremony of the 2022 report to the press. the regulatory authority for electronic communication and the post office (ARCEP), under the supervision of the CNRCEP.

As of December 31, 2022, indicates the ARCEP report, the electronic communications sector has four (4) mobile network operators, two (2) of which also operate fixed licenses, one (1) operator holding an infrastructure license and four (4) operational Internet Service Providers.

“During this financial year, these operators have a total of 16,041,983 mobile subscribers and 117,597 fixed subscribers. Of this park, 9,297,352 mobile subscribers use the mobile data service while 32,575 fixed lines are connected to the Internet,” noted Ms. Bétty, citing the report.

According to the Nigerian official, it was observed during this exercise, “a growth in the mobile penetration rate which goes from 61% to 63% between 2021 and 2022, but also that of the mobile Internet penetration rate of 33 to 37%”, adding that “the base of fixed subscribers, which has been on a downward trend for several years in favor of mobile service, has experienced a regression of 8% compared to the year 2021”.

“The statistics of the mobile base show that the operator CELTEL maintains the same level of dominance as in 2021, i.e. 44% ahead of ZAMANI COM which increases its share by five (5) points, from 27% to 32% on the same period. MOOV AFRICA and Niger TELECOMS respectively record 18% and 6% of share with decreases of 3% and 2% compared to 2021”, indicated the President of the CNRCEP, before underlining that “operators holding licenses have invested 17 % of this overall turnover in the development of their respective networks, i.e. 46,422,744,001 FCFA, but down 37.51% compared to 2021”.

With regard to the postal activity, “for its part, is still marked by the persistence of unfair competition, with the presence of operators without licenses on the market alongside the three (3) legally authorized operators that are NIGER POST, DHL and RED STAR”.

“In 2022, the overall turnover generated by these three (03) operators, up 3.6% compared to 2021, amounts to five billion eighty-nine million two hundred and thirty thousand five hundred and ten (5,429,230,510) FCFA”, informed Ms. Bétty.

As part of its activities in 2022, ARCEP encountered major difficulties.

These include, according to Ms. Bétty, “the insufficiency of financial resources, due to the amputation of 45% on behalf of the Investment Fund for Development (FID), which limits the ability to finance essential investments to regulation”; “the inadequacy of the regulations on certain aspects, in particular the protection of the public against the effects of electromagnetic radiation”;

“the effective application of the law regulating the postal sector”; but also “the non-payment of royalties”.

“Despite these pitfalls, the regulation of the electronic communications and postal sector is experiencing a satisfactory dynamic”, she commented, stressing that to maintain this trend, ARCEP recommends improving the legal and institutional framework of the sectors. electronic communications and post.

It is mainly a question of removing all the obstacles which hinder its development; reduce the contribution rate by 45% to the Development Investment Fund (FID) and introduce regulations on the protection of the public against the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

The holding of this press briefing, recalled the President of the CNRCEP, “aims to meet the obligations of article 12 of the law of July 12, 2018 on the creation, organization and functioning of ARCEP which provides that the National Council of Regulation of Electronic Communications and Post (CNRCEP) produces for each financial year, an annual report of activities which must be presented to HE the Prime Minister before June 30 of the year”.

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