The timeless elegance of a Shaker kitchen

The cuisine Shaker has a special place in the world of interior design. Its timeless style and elegant simplicity have captivated design enthusiasts for decades.

Discover the world of Shaker kitchens and why they are still so trendy today.

Blue Shaker kitchen – Plum kitchen

The Origin of the Shaker Kitchen

Shaker kitchens take their name from the religious community of Shakers, founded in the 18th century in the United States. The Shakers advocated a simple and functional way of life, and this was reflected in their furniture and architecture. For this reason, Shaker kitchens were designed to be practical, durable and aesthetically pleasingwith particular attention paid to the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship.

Cottage-style kitchen
Country house style kitchen – Nordic Kitchen
Midnight blue kitchen shaker
Dark Green Shaker Kitchen – Plum kitchen

The characteristics of the Shaker style

Shaker kitchens are characterized by clean lines, natural materials and sober colors. Furniture is often made of solid wood, with flat panel doors also called “framed facades“.

The most commonly used colors are white, beige, gray and black: perfect shades to create a calm and serene atmosphere. But current decorative trends are modernizing Shaker kitchens by offering new ranges of muted colors. Thus, anthracite grey, deep green and midnight blue now adorn these resolutely classic kitchens.

To accessorize the doors, we will choose shell handles, very pleasant to handle. On the side of the sink, we will adopt a office stamp in white ceramic : wide and deep, it evokes country houses and lends itself perfectly to play. This is also how Shaker kitchens have invested in the most beautiful English cottages!

Country house style kitchen
English design kitchen – Nordic Kitchen
Cuisine Shaker beige
Kitchen Shaker color beige – Plum kitchen

Functionality first

One of the fundamental principles of Shaker design is the feature. The Shaker Kitchen is designed for convenience and efficient workspace. Cabinets usually have plenty of shelves and drawers, providing optimal storage.

Kitchen islands are often present, providing an additional work surface for preparing meals and also serving as a gathering place for family and friends.

English cottage style kitchen
Blue Shaker kitchen – Nordic Kitchen
Shaker kitchen decoration
Sage Green Kitchen Shaker – Plum kitchen

Durability and craftsmanship

The Shaker kitchen is renowned for its durability and quality craftsmanship. The furniture is made with care, favoring natural materials such as solid wood. This approach emphasizes the longevity of kitchen units, avoiding short-lived trends. Investing in a Shaker kitchen is create a timeless space that will stand the test of time.

Shaker kitchen decoration
Green and Marble Shaker Kitchen – Herringbone Kitchens

All the beauty of the Shaker kitchen lies in its ability to integrate into different styles of decoration. Whether your interior is classic, contemporary or rustic, a Shaker kitchen fits very easily. Its sleek aesthetic and versatility blends with many color and material choices, allowing you to customize your kitchen to suit your tastes and lifestyle.

Cuisine shaker
Green Shaker Kitchen – Nordic Kitchen
Frame front kitchen
Shaker kitchen decoration – Nordic Kitchen
English style kitchen
Cuisine Shaker beige – Nordic Kitchen

To conclude, we can say that Shaker kitchens continue to win over interior design enthusiasts with their timeless elegance and great functionality. They offer a harmonious living space that will delight you for many years.

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