The unlimited strike threatens France!

The strike by RATP agents threatens to spread throughout France, after their call for a day of mobilization this Thursday, January 19, 2023 against the pension reform. The RATP unions (CGT, FO, CFE-CGC and Unsa) have announced their intention to renew the strike in the event of failure of negotiations on the pension reform this week.

The threat of an indefinite strike draws near

The agents of the RATP, already some 40,000 people, are targeted by a reform which threatens their special pension scheme, and which represents 93% of the workforce. The consequences could be very significant, and the social movement could easily be renewed thanks to an “unlimited duration” strike notice filed in December 2019.

Disruptions to public transport

The consequences of such a move could be dramatic. First of all on the Ile-de-France network, which would be very disrupted, with 3 lines completely at a standstill and 10 lines running only at peak times. Then on the general economy, because disruptions to public transport would affect users and the economy in general.

A meeting tonight to find a solution

The RATP unions are meeting this Thursday evening to follow up on this mobilization. The unions do not rule out the possibility of an indefinite strike, but are waiting to see how the negotiations on the pension reform will end between the Council of Ministers on January 23 and the employers. In the meantime, the strike notice ends at 8 a.m. this Friday, January 20 and no follow-up has been announced for that day. Travelers are invited to regularly check the information made available by the RATP to find out about the situation.

The various players concerned are invited to find a solution in order to limit the impact of this likely indefinite strike on users and the economy, before the start of negotiations between the Council of Ministers and employers.

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