They paid “a fortune” for a coffee in San Martín de los Andes and their complaint opened the debate: a lot or good?

A couple of influencers generated an intense debate in the social networks when sharing on TikTok the price they paid for coffee and hot chocolate in San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén.

From their account @elblogdeski, the influencers published a video in which they are seen in an exclusive restaurant enjoying drinks and asking his followers how much they thought they had paid for them.

The young woman stated that the chocolate in a small glass cost $2,000 and the coffee $1,500. Her partner was surprised by the high price and commented “I save”, while she replied that it was the first and last of the season, to which he confessed that she was laughing so as not to cry.

This video generated an intense debate in the comments, where internet users got involved in a real war of opinions.

One Twitter user kicked things off, writing: “As you see them, they paid between $17,500 and $21,800 a day to be there, just for the lifts. But they make you a TikTok crying for 2 lucas a coffee.

Opinions were divided, with some arguing that if they can afford to spend that much on their ski holiday, they shouldn’t be complaining about the price of coffee. Others defended the couple, arguing that the prices were excessive and that they should not take advantage of visitors.

The Cordovan Chapulín and the imitator of La Mona Jiménez protagonists of a viral video in the pedestrian.

The discussion continued with opinions on value for money, quality of service and perception of prices in an exclusive place. Some netizens pointed out that the prices were typical of a first class place, while others criticized the lack of quality in the services offered at that price.

In summary, the influencer couple sparked an online controversy by revealing the price of the drinks they consumed in an exclusive place in San Martín de los Andes, generating conflicting opinions about the fairness of the prices and the perception of the value of the services.

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