Three years before the ballot, Just Gonzalez announces his candidacy for mayor of Frontignan

Firefighter Just Gonzalez is once again a candidate for mayor of Frontignan and will be advised by his friend Gérard Prato.

Hello again. Three years after reaching 6% in the first round of the 2020 municipal elections in Frontignan, and, in fact, three years before the new ballot, Just Gonzalez has just formalized his candidacy for the mayoral race.

He wants to collect

“After many meetings, discussions and requests and after many thoughts, I’m going back”he told Free lunch. If the firefighter leaves so soon at the fire, it is precisely to have time “to meet people, to listen. I want to be a unifier of people from civil society and parties who want change within an apolitical list”. And to carry on, “I want to take the time to build a great list to transform the city”.

Prato, a 30-year-old friend

For this project, Just Gonzalez will be able to count on the advice of his friend of thirty years Gérard Prato. The current opposition leader, who has regained his freedom from the national rally, explains: “Just is a friend. He had a lousy campaign in 2020 and I’m going to give him a hand. Give him some advice. It’ll end there. I won’t be on his list.”comments the one who had made no secret that the current mandate was the last for him at the head of the line. “What I like about Just is that he is someone from Frontignan, that we have known each other for a long time and that in the second round of the last municipal elections he did not give any instructions to vote against me. “

Some program elements unveiled

As for the program, it is, of course, under development but certain points have been disclosed on the networks such as security “with a 24-hour urban supervision center”the “rehabilitation of the station” (it failed), the “cession” of the Firn, the creation of a “green area in front of the fire brigade which could be used as a leisure park”the “downtown rehabilitation” or “a strong festival committee to create entertainment”

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