TikTok wants to create a Youth Council

TikTok announced a new tool for parents and guardians to support their teens’ experience on the platform through Family Tracking and share information about TikTok. The purpose of the measure is the creation of TikTok’s Youth Council – TikTok Youth Council, reads in a note sent to the press.

The tool that allows reducing the likelihood of teenagers seeing content that, for parents and guardians, may not be appropriate, appears after the launch, last year, of the option to filter videos with unwanted words and hashtags in feeds “For you” or “Follow”.

To adapt this feature to Family Tracking, TikTok collaborated with experts, including the Family Online Safety Institute, to strike a balance between allowing families to choose the best experience for their needs while ensuring that the rights of their families are respected. young people to participate in the online world. So teens can see the keywords that their parents or guardians have added. The platform believes this transparency can also help promote conversations about online limits and safety. Thus, more mature or complex content does not reach audiences aged between 13 and 17 years old.

Later this year, TikTok intends to launch the TikTok Global Youth Council, where it will be possible to hear the experiences of those who directly use the platform and, thus, it becomes easier for the social network to make changes and “create the safest experience possible for the community”, reads the note.

It should be remembered that, in March, the platform defined that, by definition, the daily screen time of each teenager was 60 minutes, with almost three quarters of teenagers choosing to maintain the limit. For those who choose not to comply with the default, but spend more than 100 minutes on TikTok per day, the screen time management suggestion begins to appear.

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