Topic leak in History and Geography

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has detected a leak of History-Geography subjects. Those responsible for this act will face criminal penalties.

Hiccups follow one another at the baccalaureate exam. The History-Geography subjects have been replaced, following a “leak of subjects”. “Following the report of the colleagues in charge of the examination, on the dissemination of History-Geography subjects on social networks, an investigation was carried out. Topic leakage has been verified. According to the texts, we use replacement subjects, in such a situation, ”declares Professor Elia Béatrice Assoumacou, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, on the set of the TVM channel, last night. These facts have led to unfortunate situations. Candidates fainted in Toliara on hearing this news. During the long wait for the duplication of the subjects, candidates came out of their examination rooms, and demonstrated in the courtyard, to claim the subjects. Others would not have returned to their examination room. in Antsohihy, the tone rose between candidates and center officials. It was not until around 3 p.m. that the test began, in certain examination centers. Others had to wait until 6 p.m. and only had an hour, or even less, to deal with the subjects, the duration of which is 4 hours, normally, for the literary series. “The race only started around 6 p.m. The supervisors asked us to finish at 7 p.m. at the latest. I left, even if I only wrote the introduction and the conclusion of the duty of History and the introduction of the duty of Geography in my sheet of copy, testifies a candidate, at the exit of the center of examination in Soanierana.


The load shedding didn’t help. Candidates took the exam, in the dark, at several exam centers. “The power has been off for 4 p.m. The supply had not yet returned when night began to fall. The candidates had to use a torch or a candle to light up their copy sheets, which their parents brought to them, or which was offered by the National Police”, reports an official at the EPP Tanjombato examination center. in Antsirabe, the candidates took this test outside, near a public light. Parents stressed with these candidates. They came in large numbers, in front of the gates of the examination centers to wait for their children. Coming home wasn’t easy either. Many candidates have not found a means of transport to return home, despite a strong mobilization of the National Police and individuals, in the transport of candidates. Some were still on the road, around 9:30 p.m. The sanctions will fall. “People have already been arrested.

We also have the telephone numbers of the people who broadcast these subjects and those who bought them,” declared the Secretary of State in charge of the Gendarmerie, General Serge Gellé, during his intervention on this program. Justice Minister Landy Randriamanantenasoa says these are indeed offences. “There have been scams, there have been frauds and disturbances to public order. Strict measures will be taken against those responsible,” she said. Leaks and attempted fraud have become commonplace in the baccalaureate exam in recent years. Fraudulent candidates were expelled from the examination centers during the 2022 session. Attempts at fraud were also discovered at the examination centers in Farafangana, Taolagnaro, Befotaka-Nord, Mananara-Nord, in 2020. In 2019, a catch-up session was carried out. The subjects of Physics-Chemistry and History-Geography have been disclosed. And the answers have been widely distributed on social networks. Students and teachers went to prison in 2019 following this subject leak.

Resiting the History-Geography test

The candidates of the A1, A2, C, D series have the opportunity to catch up on the History-Geography test. They will treat a second time, in this 2023 session, this test. “As not all candidates have received instructions on the replacement of exam subjects, and for equal opportunities, the Council of Ministers has decided that the History-Geography test will take place on Friday July 21 at 7:30 a.m., for candidates affected by the leakage of subjects, “said Professor Elia Béatrice Assoumacou.

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