Türkiye: Doumbouya was not entitled to the red carpet

The president of the Guinean transition was in Ankara at the end of last week to attend the investiture ceremony of the re-elected president of Turkey. Contrary to the usual customs which consist in rolling out the red carpet to his host counterpart, Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya was not entitled to this privilege, notes an Afrinews journalist through official images.

Another remark, no official of the Turkish government was present during his reception at the airport. It was a local official from the municipality of Ankara who received him without brass bands or drums.

On the occasion of the investiture ceremony, the head of the junta had his photograph taken with Erdogan and his wife. What constitutes for his relatives in Conakry as a trophy of war.

Meanwhile in Conakry, his departure and his return were the subject of ceremonies worthy of an elected head of state. This attitude worries the ranks of opponents who see in this approach a desire to drag on in power.

A leader of a junta would be much more concerned with returning power than with enjoying a walkabout in the rank of a leader benefiting from legitimate popular support.

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