Video. 10 billion dirhams mobilized to fight against the impact of the drought

This initiative, in response to the High Royal Directives, will mobilize 10 billion dirhams to support the protection of animal and plant capital, strengthen the production sectors and improve the financing capacities of Crédit Agricole.

The agreement, signed by several actors in the agricultural sector, includes measures such as the subsidy of animal feed, seeds and fertilizers, in order to reduce production costs and stabilize the prices of impacted agricultural products.

An amount of 5 billion Dh will be allocated to the protection of animal capital, through the subsidy of barley and imported feed intended for livestock and poultry. 4 billion MAD will be allocated to the protection of plant capital and support for sectors, through price subsidies for certain inputs. Finally, an envelope of 1 billion MAD will be allocated to strengthening the financial capacities of the Crédit Agricole bank in order to support farmers.

Aziz Akhannouch specified that alongside these short-term measures, the government will work over the medium term to gradually restore the balance of the various sectors and to restore the dynamics of all the productive sectors affected by the crisis, while continuing the structuring investments aimed at to strengthen the resilience of national agriculture

In 2022, a similar program had already been put in place with a total cost of 10 billion dirhams to combat the rainfall deficit.

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