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The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massanext to maximum kirchner and 14 other officials, inaugurated the new presidential plane to travel to China. The reason for the trip is, supposedly, to attract investment and increase the SWAP with the Asian country, although for the journalist Viviana Canosa there is a background that we do not know in this story.

The communicator titled her LN+ editorial as “a Chinese tale” and stated that “all the people in the Government are screwed. They think they own everything. I keep asking myself, what is the minister scissorhands doing with the head of the gnocchi from La Cámpora in China» while in the background he passed images of what Alberto Fernández’s activity was on the day of the date.

“In addition to getting into debt, What are you doing? what are they going for? They are delivering lithium, a new military base for the Chinese or the waterway for eight green sticks at an interest rate that doubles that of the IMF,” the communicator predicted. She then showed a meme about this trip and ironized: «Minister Scissorhands is ready for anything. Who will have slept in the matrimonial? Everything is for power and for continuing to indebt us all.

In this same sense, Viviana Canosa interpreted that Cristina Kirchner “sent her son as a witness to what Massa is going to negotiate with the Chinese. The one with the link sent the kid so that nothing goes wrong,” the television host slipped in a mocking tone about how they obey the orders of the Vice President of the Nation.

New formula?

After this, Viviana Canosa showed videos in which Sergio Massa and Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro are seen together, which would supposedly be the presidential formula of the Frente de Todos. «While Wado and Massa are together and in the bagel, the Argentines are starving. These are in China, Alberto Fernández in Brazil, Wado is campaigning and Cristina today is president of the Argentines. They are joda », she reiterated.

«If they can do something when they are government, why don’t they do it now in these 7 months? They began to show De Pedro as a moderate, a good guy, who walks in the same clothes as always and thought. You don’t like to buy new clothes but money does, almost all Mercedes is yours. The guy wants to be applauded because he buys few clothes, people don’t have enough to eat. Is this going to be the campaign? They are full of twine with ours. Impresentable all. I don’t like the good boy“, hill.

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