Who are Emereciano Sena and Marcela Acuña, the parents of the young man arrested for the disappearance of Cecilia in Chaco

Emerenciano Sena and his wife Marcela Acuña, arrested and charged with his son César for the disappearance of Cecilia Strzyzoswki in Chacoson weighty social leaders with political ties in Resistencia.

Sena was born in January 1964 and started work at the age of 20 as a bricklayer’s assistant in a construction company. Shortly after, he made contact with leaders such as Aurelio Díaz and Víctor Sampayo. That meeting began his political-social career, since together with them he promoted the Naranja Violeta group, an internal line of the Uocra with which they disputed the union leadership in the nineties.

After passing through Naranja Violeta, he founded the MTD General San Martín at a time when unemployment hit hard in Chaco. The protest continued for almost a year, from which the first roadblock in the province was conceived. Thanks to that picket, Sena and his colleagues managed to get some subsidies and social plans to alleviate the crisis.

With the support of the national government through subsidies, the organization of the social leader began to develop productive enterprises. At first they were plantations in rural areas, but later beekeeping, brick making, and pig and poultry raising projects were added.

After the arrival of Jorge Capitanich to the governorship, the social movement led by Sena obtained some positions in the provincial executive and was later in charge of developing the “Shared Dreams” plan. The complex they were building was halfway finished when the corruption scandal broke out, but it was later completed thanks to provincial funds and was baptized the “Barrio Emerenciano.”

Sena always had a very good connection with Capitanich. So much so that “Coqui” himself witnessed the wedding of the couple between Sena and Marcela Acuña on December 7, 2012.

He was currently a candidate for provincial deputy for the Chaqueño Front, a space that answers to Capitanich. However, his application was deactivated by the Electoral Justice, due to his alleged involvement in the disappearance of his son’s girlfriend.

Chaco. Emerenciano Sena with Jorge Capitanich and his son César in one of the mobilizations of “Women in Front”.

Marcela Acuña, leader in Chaco

This year, Marcela Acuña and her husband planned to present themselves as pre-candidates in the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory elections (Paso), by the Emerenciano Movement, one of the most powerful social organizations within the province, linked to the government of Jorge Captainich.

After Cecilia’s disappearance, her candidacies were deactivated. From prison, they say that the couple sent WhatsApp audios to their political group to order directives to their militants, despite the fact that they had to be incommunicado due to the fact.

César Sena's parents were going to appear on the ballot with Capitanich but they were detained.
César Sena’s parents were going to appear on the ballot with Capitanich but they were detained.

“First of all I am fine, locked up, but fine. Please try to continue the works, here what they want is for the works to stop, you have to continue the works no matter what. Take care of the spaces, the foundation, the neighborhood, that it is clean, that it is tidy, it has to be as we are, ”Acuña is heard in an audio, as reproduced by different media.

“We are going to get out of here, I don’t know when, but we are going to get out of this,” Acuña said. Finally, the woman asked that the foundation they have meet and that schools “do not strike, explain what is happening to parents and continue as usual.”

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