World Cup 2030: Morocco will have to bet up to 60 billion dirhams

The organization of the World Cup by the trio Morocco-Portugal-Spain will have to cost a budget between 15 and 20 billion dollars. Morocco’s share would be between 5 and 6 billion. This is what emerges from a recent study carried out by Sogécapital Gestion. It is 15 billion DH that would be disbursed, only for the upgrade or the construction of new stadiums. Thus, the large stadium of Casablanca will have to cost 6 billion dirhams, two modular stadiums in Rabat and Marrakech, 6 billion dirhams and the renovation of the stadiums of Marrakech, Rabat and Tangier, 3 billion dirhams.

Besides, 8 billion dirhams would be devoted to the total renovation of the 61 existing training centers and the construction of half of the proposed new centers.

Sogécapital Gestion also estimates that a cost of 17 billion dirhams should be reserved for the development of the internal transport network of cities, as well as the development of the railway line between Casablanca and Marrakech and 1 billion more, allocated to the inherent organizational cost. at the world cup.

What about financing? the management company considers that the State should cover the 23 billion dirhams of investment required for the construction of stadiums and training centers, in its budget, over the 2024-2030 horizon. Public enterprises should support the financing of projects relating to infrastructure and the transport network. It cannot be ruled out that Morocco receives concessional loans and grants or aid from other countries to supplement the financing of its investments.

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