Power cuts: fed up with users

The thuriferous media reported with great fanfare the end of load shedding from Friday. The ministry and the water and electricity company (JIRAMA) announced that the supply of fuel to the production sites should start last Wednesday. But obviously, these are all lies.

In the afternoon of Friday, during a good part of the night and this Saturday morning again, many districts of the capital saw their electricity cut.

JIRAMA’s lie, but above all the unsatisfactory service it offers, in particular aroused the indignation of users in Tanjombato yesterday. Tires were burned in the street, on the roadway. They are not the first to react like this and will not be the last either in view of this disgusting situation with which this state company is subjecting the population.

The tone continues to rise a notch and politicians are beginning to get involved, like the deputy Rolland Ratsiraka who declared yesterday that there is a big case of corruption behind these cuts and that a senior official in the country would be affected. He claims to have proof of this and should not delay denouncing the affair before the Independent Anti-Corruption Office (BIANCO).

Other opposition figures begin to rebroadcast Andry Rajoelina’s ostentatious remarks on the eve of the 2018 presidential election, haranguing the non-existence of the state at the time because of the interminable load shedding, growing poverty and corruption at all levels. These things are still happening under the current regime and seem to be intensifying.

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