The construction and cement sector dominates the projects of Mars Al-Sultan Province

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Identical sources expected that the regular session of the Marsa Al-Sultan District Council would witness; Wide controversy about its agenda, given the nature of the two points included during the session scheduled for today, Thursday, June 08; It is about creating a multidisciplinary hall; Transfer of funds.

The same sources explained; The reason for this “expected” controversy is mainly due to the fact that the members of the Marsa Al-Sultan District Council did not obtain the necessary documents for the property on which the multidisciplinary hall will be built. Which is considered a breach of the laws in force in this regard; and inconsistent with the competence of the county council; According to what was confirmed by those sources, who asked at the same time, about the lack of activation of the role of the committees since last January until this June; Because its meetings were not held in order to study the various files and current issues of concern to the population; What really raises questions about who was managing the province’s affairs in the absence of the president, who is busy with a host of other tasks.

As for the second point related to financial transfers, these sources confirmed that this raises major problems, given that 40% of these transfers came from the 2021 budget, which indicates that they remained frozen and were not programmed into projects that benefit the population. While 60% of the total budget allocated for the construction of a multi-disciplinary hall was recently set, which indicates that the projects set by the head of the canton bear the slogan “cement and sand”, by allocating an amount of one billion and 400 million centimeters to the construction sector out of 2 billion and 100 million centimeters. allocated to the provincial budget.

Our sources added that the cement and construction sector greatly dominated the projects programmed in Mars al-Sultan canton, and that most of the deals were concluded in this regard, without developing programs concerned with the social aspect and combating vulnerability and poverty among the population.

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